What are the Most Essential Life Skills?

There are some really long lists of essential life skills that include items such as: changing tires, using power tools, sewing a button on, etc. Although I think people should try to learn many different things, a lot of these “life necessities” can be avoided by one’s lifestyle choices. You can chose to never own a car or a house, for example.

So my life skill list ends up being much shorter (and admittedly a bit general as there are many ways to obtain the same result).

I think every person should be able to:

  1. Provide food for themselves or others
  2. Obtain necessary life products
  3. Get a job or money
  4. Find a place to live
  5. Read and write
  6. Use a computer
  7. Perform basic math operations

When you summarize everything into a tiny list, almost everything can be linked back to money management.

Should the list actually be this?

  1. Money management
  2. Provide food for themselves or others
  3. Obtain necessary life products
  4. Get a job or money
  5. Find a place to live
  6. Read and write
  7. Use a computer
  8. Perform basic math operations
  • Are you teaching your kids these skills?
  • Are you ensuring that your partner is able to take care of all these things in the event that you can’t?
  • Can the list be simplified further?