Drying Rack Used For A Cucumber Trellis On A Balcony.


It’s so fun to be able to change one item into another. You get to use what you have around the house, and avoid spending money on a new item. If you are interested in the Financial Integrity Program, this would be part of Step 6 – minimizing spending.

I started with this folding clothes-drying rack I bought about ten years ago:

small metal clothes drying rack

I create a trellis for my cucumbers by dissembling and rearranging the pieces.

 folded drying rack outside

I used an 18 gauge wire to attach the pieces to my fence. I don’t have pets or kids so I’m not concerned about the wires sticking out. But you could use garden twine or even yarn.

rack attached to the fence

I’m a total klutz about home improvement stuff. My ideas are much greater than my abilities, but even I could tackle this project.

As you can see, my plant isn’t quite ready to climb yet. If I decide the bars of the trellis should be closer together I will add some twine or yarn.

 rack with cucumber plant in front

One of the best parts about this project is that it doesn’t ruin the drying rack. If you need the rack for indoor use during the winter you can easily remove it, clean it off, and put it back to work drying clothes.

Before I had this yard I also used this rack on my balcony that only had vertical rails. It worked great for that too.

Drying rack used for a cucumber trellis on a balcony.

All the horizontal bars are from the drying rack.

Other ideas I had for easy, small trellises were old fridge shelves, closet shelves, and animal cages. And if you get really crafty you can always use wood and twine. But right now I don’t have good enough tools for that project. I’m trying to avoid purchasing tools for a single project — a problem I’ve had in the past.

How about you? What gardening or other repurposing have you done lately? Let’s share ideas.


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