Why I Shouldn’t Have Bought A Car

Why I Shouldn’t Have Bought a Car

We all make mistakes. So why are money mistakes some of the hardest to admit to? Most people will readily admit poor relationship choices or clutsy incidents such as falling down the stairs (or in my case falling into Portage Avenue* for absolutely no reason). But are you hesitant to disclose your financial screw-ups? We often are. In my experience we seem to hold ourselves to a higher standard where money is concerned. It’s like we’re supposed to have some innate money management knowledge, and are embarrassed to admit that we don’t. So today I will tell you about what is probably my biggest money mistake.…

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Analysis of My 2013 Spending and 2014 Goals – Transportation

This series of posts is an analysis of my own spending. See the introduction post here. I know our transportation costs are high. Once we pay off the car loan that will reduce my expenses significantly. In my ideal world I wouldn’t own a car, but my husband needs one for work, and it is convenient for grocery shopping and travelling. Notes 1     Of course, many of the 2014 items (gas, maintenance, bus costs) are estimates. 2      All these expenses are split equally between my husband and me. As I am only analyzing my own spending I’ll be focusing on my portion, but…

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