Why I Shouldn’t Have Bought A Car

Why I Shouldn’t Have Bought a Car

We all make mistakes. So why are money mistakes some of the hardest to admit to? Most people will readily admit poor relationship choices or clutsy incidents such as falling down the stairs (or in my case falling into Portage Avenue* for absolutely no reason). But are you hesitant to disclose your financial screw-ups? We often are. In my experience we seem to hold ourselves to a higher standard where money is concerned. It’s like we’re supposed to have some innate money management knowledge, and are embarrassed to admit that we don’t. So today I will tell you about what is probably my biggest money mistake.…

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My 2014 Spending Summary and 2015 Goals

It's that most wonderful time of the year for compulsive money trackers. Finally we get to add up all our spending for the year, compare it to previous years, and get ready for next year. I tend to think of my spending in monthly averages so that's what I've presented here. I've broken our costs down into housing/utilities, transportation, other joint expenses, and my personal non-shared expenses. The first three charts represent only my portion of household spending. My husband and I share most expenses 50/50. So double these numbers to compare them with your own monthly household spending. 1Condo…

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My Early Retirement Story

How It Started I started thinking about early retirement two months into my first real job. I knew that the working life, at least in that  career, was not for me. Even though I eventually moved to a related field that was much more suited to my abilities and temperament, my interest in early retirement remained. In my first decade of work the gap between my income and expenses wasn’t large enough to make early retirement a real possibility: But saving money was always a priority. At the worst times the only saving I did was through the equity portion…

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Analysis of My 2013 Spending and 2014 Goals – Personal

I have the most control of this section. These are all my individual purchases that don’t affect my husband at all. Here is where I want to match my spending to my priorities. Work Food - Chocolate and other snacks that I buy specifically to enjoy during my office job. Eating Out/Coffee - This is for non-work food that I buy just for my own enjoyment. This is a priority to me and I want to stop chastising myself for spending money in this area. This is a line item where I want to spend at least up to $20, rather…

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Analysis of My 2013 Spending and 2014 Goals – Other Joint Expenses

This part is where the biggest problem was. Luckily there were many one-time expenses in 2013 that shouldn’t be repeated in 2014. My priorities are food and one winter vacation. Other than that I don’t want to spend much money this year. Notes 1     All these expenses are split equally between my husband and me. As I am only analyzing my own spending I’ll be focusing on my portion, but for easier comparison I’ve included totals and annual amounts in this chart. 2        I know our food costs are high. I will be writing more about…

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