Cost of Fresh Fruit in Winnipeg

I have a problem; I’m addicted to fresh fruit. On a typical work day I eat four pieces of fruit.* I eat slightly less on the weekends. Although this obsession is healthy, out of season produce can be expensive in Canada. So I wondered, how much money is my “problem” actually costing me? On a recent trip to a Winnipeg Walmart I decided to record the exact prices, weights, and numbers of fruit that I was buying and do my favourite thing – make a chart. I calculated my monthly fruit cost to be about $43 per month. Is that amount high? It…

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Homemade Corn Tortillas

Bean tacos with fresh corn tortillas is my favourite super-cheap meal. Embarrassingly, I only recently bought a tortilla press and learned to make these. It’s embarrassing because it’s just so easy; I had seen tortilla/chapati presses as a child; and because I’d been paying insane Canadian prices for corn tortillas. I know that many readers may live in areas where you can easily buy cheap and delicious corn tortillas. But where I live both corn and wheat tortillas at the grocery store are really expensive ($3-5 for 10-12) and don't even taste very good. And the gluten-free ones I require are…

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Simple Taco Beans Recipe

As a vegetarian I eat a lot of beans. They are filling, inexpensive, delicious when properly cooked, and can be combined with many other foods. My favourites for Mexican-style foods are pinto and black beans. I usually cook them from dry, but try to have some plain canned beans available for last-minute meals. For tacos or burritos you could also buy the canned re-fried beans, but they are expensive depending on your location.  I think my recipe is much tastier, and certainly cheaper. Here’s how I make my Mexican-style beans: Fry chopped onions in oil. Add garlic, ground cumin and coriander,…

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Do You Cross-Border Shop for Food?

I'm currently looking for information on Canadians' thoughts on US food prices. If you live in a border town do you cross to the States to buy your groceries? Not liquor or specialty items - flavours and products that aren't available on either side of the border - but staple groceries. I'm especially interested if you know of the price difference between the exact same product, especially ones that are manufactured in Canada. Please comment if you'd like to share your stories or opinions on food price differences.

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Analysis of My 2013 Spending and 2014 Goals – Other Joint Expenses

This part is where the biggest problem was. Luckily there were many one-time expenses in 2013 that shouldn’t be repeated in 2014. My priorities are food and one winter vacation. Other than that I don’t want to spend much money this year. Notes 1     All these expenses are split equally between my husband and me. As I am only analyzing my own spending I’ll be focusing on my portion, but for easier comparison I’ve included totals and annual amounts in this chart. 2        I know our food costs are high. I will be writing more about…

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