Post Series: My Spending

I have the most control of this section. These are all my individual purchases that don’t affect my husband at all. Here is where I want to match my spending to my priorities.

Work Food – Chocolate and other snacks that I buy specifically to enjoy during my office job.

Eating Out/Coffee – This is for non-work food that I buy just for my own enjoyment. This is a priority to me and I want to stop chastising myself for spending money in this area. This is a line item where I want to spend at least up to $20, rather than under $20.

Hobbies – This is books, music, computer games.

Entertainment – I want to increase this area as well, as I want to start going to the occasional play or musical.

Health – Includes things like glasses, physiotherapy. Hopefully this year will be less expensive than last year; I never want to go to physio. But I budgeted high because it’s unpredictable.

Clothes/Shoes – I bought a few items last year and don’t anticipate needing anything more this year so hopefully will be under budget.

Bank Fees – I have to get my chequing account back up to the amount where my fees are waived and then this expense will go away.

Charity – I have reduced this for this year. I was making automatic monthly contributions, but I decided to stop that so I’d have more money for the occasional cause that comes my way. I’ll increase my donation amount when I feel I’m making enough money again.

Animals – I had a one-time expense last year of buying a rat cage. Ongoing it should only be rat food and supplies and I should be able to sell the cage eventually.

Travel Alone – I plan to fly out to Edmonton once this year by myself so need to budget for that.

Business – I may need more money than this but will take some out of savings. I’ve spent more than my budgeted amount in the first three months of the year but a lot of this is once a year things like hosting and domain registration, so it should even out.

And here is the summary of all my spending, not including taxes.


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