Analysis of My 2013 Spending and 2014 Goals – Other Joint Expenses

This part is where the biggest problem was. Luckily there were many one-time expenses in 2013 that shouldn’t be repeated in 2014. My priorities are food and one winter vacation. Other than that I don’t want to spend much money this year.


1     All these expenses are split equally between my husband and me. As I am only analyzing my own spending I’ll be focusing on my portion, but for easier comparison I’ve included totals and annual amounts in this chart.

2        I know our food costs are high. I will be writing more about why I chose to spend so much money on food. Buying food I like from businesses I want to support is my highest spending priority.

3       Last year this included: some furniture, curtains, carpets for our new condo, and a GPS device. Except for the GPS hopefully we won’t have to replace any of this again.

4       This is mostly the extended health insurance through my husband’s employer and occasional prescription drugs.

5       I classify “hobbies” as books, games, etc. This section is only for shared items.

6      Entertainment is things we do outside of the house like movies or golfing.

7      We take one big trip a year to somewhere warm. Up until 2012 we didn’t take vacations, due to lack of money and vacation days. Now that we both have the ability to take time off, this is a necessity for health and sanity when living in Winnipeg.

8       Last year this included: our closing costs and moving costs.